There’s nothing quite like a tropical vacation. Warm beaches, exotic fruits, drinks like Mai Tais—if you have the opportunity to head out on such an adventure you’re the envy of many. It’s bound to be a trip you’ll never forget!

For most people, tropical weather isn't the day to day climate. In fact, many people have never experienced tropical weather. Regardless of your tropical destination, you’ll want to pack accordingly.

That’s where this checklist comes into play. It’s been compiled to help you make sure you’ve got everything covered to head out for your tropical vacation with all that you need. You’ll be prepared, comfortable, and totally stylish.

What Clothing To Pack?

Check out these suggestions for cute clothing to wear in tropical climates. To choose what exactly you need to bring along with you, you want to consider not only your destination but the activities you plan on doing while you’re there.

Swimsuits, Swimsuits, Swimsuits!

This is, of course, something you can’t leave behind. The swimsuits you bring on a tropical vacation is an important decision. It’s a big deal! You’ll be wearing a swimsuit perhaps more than you ever have in your life.

You want something that is of high quality and perfect fit, so that you can feel comfortable and confident (that you look amazing and that nothing will fall out). Choose from a swimsuit line that takes all body types into consideration and can offer professional advice on style and fit.

One Piece Swimsuit

One piece swimsuits can be every bit as charming as a two piece. They come in many different styles to fit any personality.

This one piece with a keyhole front comes in a tropical print that is suitable for the best of tropical vacations.

Alternatively, you could go with a streamlined design with cross backs straps. This suit will be up for any beach or ocean activity you can think of.

Two Piece Swimsuit

Even if you’re not used to wearing a two piece, there’s no better place to wear one than on a tropical vacation. Bottoms come in styles ranging from classic string bikini, to high waisted, to skirts. Choose the one that feels like you, or try something you’ve never worn before. You can’t go wrong as long as you feel like you.

Of course, you’ll have to bring along a top that compliments your bottoms. Try a tank to match a skirt, a string bikini top, or spice it up with a leopard print top.

The other great thing about two piece suits is that if you bring more than one, you can mitch and match as you please.

Light And Comfortable Basics

Light and comfortable basics are ideal for wearing around the hotel and are easy to throw on to walk to the pool, the lobby, or as part of an outfit to wear out. Leave thick, woven basics at home. Think tank tops and t-shirts, shorts, etc.


Hopefully you were already planning on bringing a sundress or two along. How could you go on a tropical vacation without one? Ideally with flowers on it. You can wear this to do some shopping, out to dinner, or just as easily wear it over your swimsuit for a practical cover up solution. Plus, you definitely need to get some photos in a sundress.


Flip Flops

Absolutely necessary. Easy to pack, perfect for wearing to the beach and the pool. Silly to even mention it but impossible to leave off the list.

Strappy Wedge Heels

Strappy wedge heels scream tropical vacation with all the glamour and elegance of a red carpet event. Put these on and wear them with an edge of confidence as you go out and own the beachfront.


You’ll want to bring sneakers along for days with more walking and any activities you plan on doing. Plan on exercising? Going for a hike? Playing tennis? You’ll be in sandals as much as possible, but they’re no substitute for sneakers when sneakers are required.

Cover Up

Ideally, you’ll be in your swimsuit as much as possible. The majority of the vacation. But inevitably there will be a time where you’ll have to leave the beach or the pool, and for this you’ll want a quick and easy cover up. It was already mentioned that a sundress works for this purpose well. If you’re crafty, check out this resource for DIY cover up ideas.

What Beach Necessities And Accessories?

On a tropical vacation you’ll be spending lots of time on the beach. When it comes to the beach, there are necessities, accessories, and necessary accessories. Look through these recommendations and decide which is which for you.

Beach Towels

If you are going to some place that doesn’t provide you with towels, then be sure to bring your own. They’ll make your time at the beach and pool that much more comfortable and enjoyable!

Sun Hat

Bring a hat to keep the sun out of your face. A baseball hat, bucket hat, or big and floppy beach hat will work great.

Beach Bag

You’ll need a bag to bring your beach items along with you. Totes come in several options. A woven tote is chic, stylish, and ready for the beach.


An umbrella might seem a little out of place—but it’s a secret weapon for tropical vacations. For one, you can use it to get out of the sun when you need a break. Secondly, tropical locations are notorious for quick and heavy rains– sometimes daily.


Your favorite sandals are what you’ll be wearing basically nonstop during the entirety of your tropical vacation. Flip flops are a no brainer. But slides, sling back sandals, chunky sandals– whatever you choose will be your foot’s best friend on this trip, so choose wisely.

Polarized Sunglasses

We all know that sunglasses dampen the harshness of the sun and look super cute in beach photos. But do you know the benefits of polarized sunglasses? They’re good for your eyes, for sure, but there’s another reason why you’ll want polarized sunglasses on your tropical vacation.

Because they eliminate glare, you’ll be able to see through water. If you’ve never experienced this before, it is like discovering a super power. And what better place to try it out than a tropical vacation. See what wildlife you can spot from above the surface!

What Toiletries To Take?


You’ll be able to find sunscreen on your trip, so if you don’t pack it it’s not the end of the world. But who knows you’ll be able to find your favorite kind or how much they’ll overcharge for it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera will feel unbelievable after a day in the sun. Lather some over your sun kissed skin and lay down under a ceiling fan. It feels like chewing mint gum with your entire body.

Insect Repellant

Depending on where you’re headed, the time of year, and how sensitive you are to insects, you may want to bring some repellant just in case. Bugs are annoying. Tropical bugs can be something else entirely.

Detangling Hairbrush

Don’t forget to bring a hairbrush that will help detangle your hair. Between the sand, the salty ocean water, and the beach breeze, you’ll probably have to tangle to straighten out.

Humidity Fighting Hair Product

Tropical typically means humid. With this in mind, you might want to bring a hair product to help tame frizz, if that’s an issue for you.

Tropical Vacation Paradise

A tropical beach vacation! If you’re reading this, you’ve really got something special you’re looking forward to. Start the relaxation that comes with your tropical vacation ahead of time by knowing you’ve packed everything you’re going to need.


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