Our CEO, Melanie Travis, sat with the star of our 2023 collaboration, Mindy Kaling herself, to get the details on everything from personal style to her design process.
Two images side by side of Mindy packing her suitcase with Andie swimsuits.

Mindy is packing the Amalfi One Piece in White.


How and when did you first hear about Andie?

I think it was good old-fashioned Instagram marketing.

And then I was drawn to the cut of the suits. I'm not super modest or conservative, but I'm also not an exhibitionist. Before I found Andie, it was hard to find something that was both flattering and comfortable, especially when it comes to seat coverage. You can't always find bottoms that are both stylish, modern, and comfortable all at once — while of course feeling confident wearing them. Andie has that.

Collage of Mindy’s instagram posts and a few images of Mindy x Andie lifestyle shoot to show her personal style and her feeling comfortable in an Andie

Clockwise from the top left is the Bermuda Top and Maya Sarong in Splash, Mindy holding up the Dalia One Piece in Vine, the Amor Top in Dragonfly, the Casablanca Top and Casablanca Bottom in Magenta, the Marco One Piece in Black, and the Amalfi One Piece in White.


You just nailed the entire reason that we exist. Awesome. How would you describe your personal style?

You know, my personal style is constantly evolving. I love trends and pay attention to them. Hence I buy things on Instagram constantly. I love vibrant colors and bold patterns, and I bring that to my swimwear game. With Andie, you can style an entire swimwear wardrobe or vacation wardrobe based on a couple of bold colors and then pick a couple of coverups or shorts that go with it.

Also, the way my body’s changed and how confident I feel in my skin impacts my choices. A lot of my style is based on what I feel comfortable in. And that’s one thing I love about Andie and our collab. I don’t have to feel particularly body-confident, but I still feel confident in an Andie swimsuit. You can catch me at any stage of my complicated relationship with my body, and I’ll always like what I’m wearing in Andie. 

(left) Mindy sitting in her room and packing her suitcase with Andie swimsuits, including suits from her collection. (Right) Four suits from our Wild Beauty collection, the Casablanca One Piece in Latte, the Dalia One Piece in Fig, the Augusta One Piece in Vine and the Casablanca Top and Bottom in Magenta.

(Left) Mindy is holding the Casablanca Top in Magenta. (Right) Clockwise from top left is the Casablanca One Piece in Latte, the Dalia One Piece in Fig, the Casablanca Top and Casablanca Bottom in Magenta, and the Augusta One Piece in Vine.


What goes in your suitcase and what are some of your must-haves, including but not limited to swimwear?

I have little kids who love the ocean and love swimming, so I always bring at least three suits. I tend to over-pack swimsuits because I'm very impatient about swimsuits drying. I'm also an absolute sunscreen fanatic. I have dark skin, so I'll use Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop for dinner out, but if I'm going to the beach, I'll use that very white, zinc sunscreen all over my face and neck. I look like a complete ghoul, but my kids don't care! They're used to it. So I pack my sunscreen, a huge hat, big sunglasses (because small ones look so silly on me), and a couple of "everyone's talking about it" books I may (or may not) get around to reading.


Have you found that your swimwear style choices have changed since having kids?

I'd say my relationship with bikinis has… evolved after having children. I'm always working on body acceptance. But Andie one-pieces help with that. They don't feel traditional or conservative - more flirty and fun. Maybe in a couple of years, I'll disappear for six weeks, get a tummy tuck, and feel more confident wearing a two-piece. But I'm kind of cool with my one-piece vibe right now.


Do you have a favorite wintertime vacation destination? Are you more relaxing-on-the-beach or adventure-seeker?

My kids are pretty athletic, which was a giant surprise to me. And if I’m being totally honest, a little bit to my dismay, because that’s not my version of vacation. So I’m learning to love sporty vacations over relaxing beach ones. Since winter sports were not high on my immigrant Indian parents' priority list, I don't know much about skiing —  to me, it looks like a recipe for breaking your leg. But I’m hearing my kids will love it. So I’ve been looking into snowy places that can do both: have good ski schools for the kids, but then also have fabulous shopping for me.


What have you learned about swimwear since designing your own collection? Has the process of designing swim changed how you think about swimwear?

I underestimated how much people would love vibrant colors. Growing up in New England, everyone wore grays and blacks. Now I live in LA, and it’s the same – the trend feels like girls in beige bike shorts with matching sports bras. So I thought the era of vibrant jewel-tones was out. But then when we came out with our collection, I was delighted by how much people were loving the jewel tones.

And the cliche about everybody wanting a black one-piece? It's true! It's like having a little black dress. It's so easy and confidence-giving to have one.

It was also really exciting to see how other people are into little looks as well — I don't feel like my look is complete until I have some accessorising like bottoms, shorts, a skirt, or a cute button-down to go with it, or a little jacket. It was fun to see other people feel that way too.


How do you use social media to share your style?

Oh, I love it. Like most people who are very self-critical and who are in the public eye, what I love about social media is that I have control over it. It's great to love how I look in a photo and show my home, my closet, or my backyard on my terms.


And now we've reached the last question: is there anything else you'd like to share?

The first collection was so well-received and so fabulous, so I feel like we have to do another?


Blurred images of our up and coming Mindy x Andie collection with the words "Coming Soon" over it.